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Dearest Little Pumpkins,

The Summer has ended. And a well-organized wife is busy this time of year making adjustments and preparing her house for seasonal changes. This includes window treatments as well.

The women in my family have been switching out curtains with the seasons for as long as I can remember. And I keep the tradition alive because it is serves a housewife well.

I have been changing out drapes and curtains lately . . . removing the ones that work well in the summer and replacing them with ones that work better in the winter: heavy-weight fabrics that pool on the floor.

I have a few more windows to go so I’m not yet finished. But I plan to be done before it gets too much colder.

Winterizing windows is just one of the many Autumn-prep chores that home-makers must get done.

It’s helpful to track household tasks that happen once a season, or at a certain time.  This blank printable /Fall & Winter Chore Checklist/ is handy for that.

Use it to create fall and winter chore list–one that is specific for you family and situation. Keep it inside a sheet protector in a household binder. If you don’t have a household binder, now is as good of as a time as ever to start building one.