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Sewing skills is a plus for any current or would-be woman of the house. And making things with your own hands can add a great deal of beauty and personal satisfaction to your life.

Here are some headbands I recently made. I’m sure you remember them; I made plenty for you too!

I put together some instructions. You can print the tutorial here (pdf) and keep it in your sewing notebook.

These headbands are very easy to make and add a feminine touch to the hair.

I cut out all of the fabrics in one sitting. Then I did all of the sewing in one sitting. It’s easier to do it that way.

It took me less than an hour to make all five headbands —I kept stopping to sip tea.

It was a great way to spend the afternoon. Now we have cute headbands to adorn our hair with!

And they were economical since all the fabrics were leftovers from other projects.

The lace headband is my favorite. Which one do you like the best my little butterflies?