Al-Hamdulillah . . . I recently got some good news from my doctor.

I love that my doctor is intelligent, thoughtful, and caring. Not all doctors are this way.

It is important for your health to find a doctor who listens to your concerns.
And when you find someone like that, stick with him/her.

A bad doctor is one who walks out of the room while you are talking.
This is very rude behavior. And if your physician does not understand the connection between your visit and her paycheck, then make it clear you will be taking your money elsewhere.

Know-it-all doctors are dangerous. They gamble with your health by not appreciating the symptoms you are explaining. They jump to the wrong conclusions and therefore the wrong diagnosis. Stay alive. Dump this kind of health practitioner.

Pop-Star doctors believe in their own fame. Sure, he might be popular. But his popularity may not be based on his skills. The bottom line is that you want your health managed by someone who thinks you are important enough to be his patient.

The above examples are just some of the types of character issues a physician can have.

Your family wants you to be healthy and happy. Make sure your PCP does too.

If at anytime during your life you should ever want to change health care providers, know that you have the support of your entire family.

Stay Well Buttercups …