Sweet Peas . . . Today is the day when we girls sit down and figure out what the family will eat for the next seven days. Men may not openly take part in such gatherings. But they love it; it is as much about them as any one else in the household.

MP Day has become something of a tradition. Sitting at the kitchen table. Discussing food. Recipes. Grocery store sales. All while nibbling a snack and sipping tea.

I sort of did this with Mother. But I was sort of passive about it. Just about anything she cooked was fine with me.

Mother knew what we all preferred. She also knew how to tailor a meal to each individual person although it was for everyone.

For example, she knew one of us kids would only eat chicken wings. So every chicken dish contained wings.

Mother was great about that sort of thing.

I supposed I do the same thing. Just in a different way.

I need semi-constant input instead of keeping a list of family preferences in my head. And that’s why I gather as many members of the family as are willing to participate.

I hope you create warm traditions like this with your families. And I hope that you share stories of our kitchen tales too.