Dear Mothers-in-Training,

A smart ummi recognizes the need for her children to pick up a skill. Spool knitting will occupy your children’s time with something interesting yet useful.

Image from HomesteadToys.com

Spool knitting (also known as French Knitting) is a form of knitting that uses a wooden spool with four nails placed in the top.

The knitter produces a narrow tube of fabric. It is a traditional way to teach children the basics of knitting.

You can make a spool knitter with the instructions in this free eBook; it includes a lot of projects:

Spool Knitting” by Mary A. McCormack. Published in 1909.

Introduction: Few elementary exercises have aroused more interest in the child than the toy knitting; due, perhaps, to its simplicity and his power to do it easily and well.

The possibilities of an empty spool and a few pins are almost without

Sample of contents: Spool Knitting, Child’s Bath or Bedroom Slippers,
Wash Cloth, Doll’s Skirt, Doll’s Hammock.

Download and/or print Spool Knitting at Project Gutenberg.


Wooden spools and pre-made spool knitters can be purchased at any craft store.

YouTube video of Spool Knitter Demonstration and an Elementary aged boy’s homemade knitter.