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Cupcakes . . . Remember this $5 window scarf I purchased at a thrift store (ReTales — Window Scarf Gets Second Chance, part 1)?

Well, I turned it into a pair of sheers for a window.

I washed it.

Then folded it in half pinning it up both sides.

I laid it out on the living room floor so I would have enough space
to work on.

Then I cut the scarf into two pieces of equal length. I held the scarf firmly onto the floor with my left hand while I cut with my right one.

After that, I finished the raw edges on the sewing machine creating a pocket for the curtain rod.

Time to iron and hang!

It looks perfect underneath my fabric tablecloth turned window treatment–more on that later!

I can’t wait for the family to come home and give their nods of approval!

And for me to talk about how thrifty it was to dress up that window! Men love being cheap when their family members save money!