Little Ones,

We women must have feminine integrity! What does that mean?

Integrity means adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

The opposite of integrity is dishonesty.

So, we women must be honest in our feminine nature, appearance, behavior, etc.

Take the feminine attire for example. How does one stay true to her feminine appearance? One way is by looking at one’s clothing.

I want to share an eBook with you. It is called The Story of Jeans (pdf).

This book details how jeans were invented, who invented them, and who he invented them for. “The Story of Jeans … [takes] the reader from the San Francisco Gold Rush to modern-day closets.”

After reading the book, ask yourself if jeans are men’s or women’s clothing.

And if you want to present this eBook as an educational tool for the little ones, use this Lesson Plan for Story of Jeans.

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