Dear Squash Blossoms,

Today I intend to bake two loaves of pumpkin bread! It’s one of the many ways I make my family happy.

As of now, the household does not know of the sweet plans awaiting them.

Yesterday, I finally made it out to the Indian store. I needed a bag of bajri flour (pearl millet) for those wheat-free desserts and breads.

It was a beautiful day, alHamdulillah. I was happy to get out of the house. And even happier when we arrived at the store.

I loved the aroma of the place upon entering; someone in the back was cooking! The smell felt good!

I suppose our house has that same affect on visitors. I get comments.

At the store, I looked at things I had no intention of buying. Happy thoughts of pumpkin bread even made me smile at a shopper; she was buying henna.

As I was peering at interesting looking foods and cookware, a worker stepped out from inside the refrigerated cases nearly directly in front of me. I wasn’t expecting that.

It gave me a good fright. And a tingly headache. But I continued looking a good deal more. I’m sure he didn’t intend to scare me.

Once the flour was paid for, it was time to head elsewhere.

I can’t wait to bake that pumpkin bread. This will be a new recipe for me. I’ll snap photos if I remember.

If the bread tastes good enough, the instructions for it will be added to the kitchen recipe binder. The binder that some day some one shall inherit!