Buttercups . . .

Good light is required for healthy eyesight. Your eyes are a gift. Make taking care of them a part of your daily self-care routine. Here is some advice I picked up from a couple of really good books.

I. Avoiding fine lines and wrinkles

If you do not have adequate and sufficient light when and where you do your women’s work, you will develop eyestrain. You will also develop lines and wrinkles around your eyes from squinting up in order to see better. ¹

If you can afford it, buy OttLite light bulbs and/or lamps. Use coupons or catch a sale since these bulbs can be pricey.

II. Healthy eyesight and Smooth Skin Around the Eyes

Get as much natural light as possible while protecting the skin to promote good vision and improve mood.

  • open window blinds or curtains when you get up in the morning
  • use light-colored sheers or lace curtains at the window; it allows the light to enter while keeping people from seeing in
  • sit outside (veiled, of course) to do sewing, needlework, reading, etc
  • when working indoors, sit near a window and/or use full-spectrum light bulbs

III. Care of the Eyes using Kohl²

“When the Messenger of Allah used to wear kohl, he would use it thrice in the right eye – beginning with it and finishing with it – and twice in the left eye.”

  • kohl maintains the eye health
  • it makes the sight clear and strong in addition to removing harmful substances
  • it beautifies the eyes
  • applying kohl before going to sleep is best
1. “Handbook of Natural Beauty” by Virginia Castleton
2. “Medicine of the Prophet” page 247