We went on a family excursion to the library yesterday. Everyone found something they wanted to take home. We all had fun.

These types of trips over the years have always been quite commonplace for us. Clearly, we are a family who takes literacy seriously.

The same is true for my parents, and grandparents, and their parents.

I remember Daddy driving all of us to the local library. Mama usually got magazines. Sometimes books. And Daddy mostly read newspapers from around the country and world.

We kids got books, games, puzzles, magazines, movies–whatever the librarians would let walk out the door with us.

Those are moments that I still savor. I’m thankful to my parents for experiences like that. It made me love them. And love reading too. I suppose that’s why I always wanted a room reserved for a library in my dream house. With bookshelves up to the ceilings!

Maybe one day I will get that dream house and room. But for now, I’ll have to settle for more family treks to the library. And on beautiful December days like yesterday, such occasions are gifts-in-waiting!