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Dearest Hummingbirds,

Winter is an excellent time for the entire family to gather in a cozy well-warmed room for socializing and activities. There is not much to do outside because of the cold weather. Except for those who love the ice and snow.

For the rest of us who don’t want icicles down our jilbabs, reading is our winter sport. Especially when snuggled near a window for good light with a blanket over one’s lap. And a hot drink near by.

I personally like to read uplifting stories … ones with happy endings. Nothing too heavy, stressful, or gloomy. Winter can be dreary. Why make it worse by reading somber books.

Reading about gardening is also highly helpful in the winter. It helps in getting ready for spring planting.

I will leave you with two gifts today insha’Allah:

a blank winter book list to print — one for grownups and one for children(pdf)
a recipe link for Spanish Hot Chocolate (mmmm) — print friendly version (pdf)

Enjoy the winter!