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My Daughters,

Organizing medical information into binders is a stress reliever.

Care Notebooks help parents and caregivers keep up-to-date records on a child’s health conditions, care, services, and providers.  But the info sheets are helpful to anyone.

3-ring binder  °  sheet protectors  °  tab dividers  °  pocket  °  printer

Putting it together: Find any health information you already have. Fill in the forms (given below). Hole-punch and store in the binder. Separate sections with tab dividers. Some items, like immunization cards, store better in a sheet protector.

What to print: Choose the pages that best fit the needs of your family.

Completing the forms: Some of the forms can be filled out on the computer then printed. Or printed as blanks and completed manually.

How to use: Take the notebook to all medically-related appointments, schools, vacations, etc. Update as necessary.

Which to print: Choose the one that you like the best.

Printable Care Notebook Forms:

Internet Resources: