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Dearest Cherry Blossoms,

Look at (or compare yourself to) those who are below you, not those above you; for this way, you will not belittle Allah’s bounty on you — al-Bukhari and Muslim.

Think for a moment about those who are below you. You will begin to realize that you are above a greater segment of the creation in health and sustenance, no matter how little it is.

The more we ponder over the favors granted to us, the more we will realize that our Creator has given much to us, and has protected us from many harmful things.

How many stories does one hear about people who have been given less in the way of health or wealth or status?

One such recent story is of a infant born with two heads, two spines, but one body. How would you like to have been that baby? Or even that mother?

Praise the One Who shields you from the many unfortunate events that so frequently happen. Take comfort in the reprieve granted by your Creator. Feel joyful for what you have been given. Make du’aa for the less fortunate.

This week, take time to pay attention to the world around you. Ignore the rich, the young, the healthy, the beautiful, the successful. Focus instead on those who have little to nothing. Journal about their stories. How do you feel by comparison? What do you have that someone else does not?

Our sadness, worry, and depression will be replaced with happiness if we implement the Prophet’s hadith above. Make it a habit to see the glass itself, rather than to see it as half-empty or half-full.