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Dear Tootsie Rolls,

Getting organized should not be limited to housework and daily schedules. Your religious life and activities need to organized as well.

I discovered that making a 3-ring binder on the subject of du’aa to be exceptionally helpful for many reasons.

It is an excellent tool when teaching the children. It can serve as a daily reminder to ask of our needs to our Creator, Allah. And it is a great reference book.

One family I know hangs various du’aa around the house until everyone knows them by heart. The du’aa for sleeping and waking up is posted on walls next to beds. Du’aa for entering/exiting bathrooms is hung next to the bathroom door, and so forth.

Creating printed du’aa and a notebook for them is not difficult.

First gather your du’aa.

Visit the site MakeDua.com. It is the online version of the book Fortification of the Muslim (Hisnul Muslim) — a little du’a book. The site is copyright free.

Click on any or all of the du’aa you want such as supplications for Al-Istikhaarah or Anxiety & Sorrow. Choose the Print option listed underneath the du’aa. Load the printer with nicely decorated computer paper and print.

Store individual print outs inside a sheet protector in a 3-ring binder.

Remember to print the alphabetical index [pdf] too.

And I’m sure you are creative enough to design a cover for your new notebook.

Insha’Allah I plan to write about other pages to add to the Du’aa binder.

Any other suggestions or tips you wish to share about organizing and learning du’aa?