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My Dearest,

Allah describes the Muslim union, the Muslim marriage, of a man and of a woman, as a completion and as a source of love and security by saying:

It is He, Allah, Glory be to Him, who has created from a single soul a partner for it, so that it may find love and security in it.

This is something that is undeniable, something that is known and established, and it is something that the foundation of the healthy Muslim family must support and must understand in order to further the establishment of the laws of Allah and of His Messenger Muhammad (sallallahu alihi wa sallaam).

And this is one of the first realizations that must be made in order to begin building a successful Muslim family and raising it on the account of the actions, that one half of the partners—in this case it will be the discussion with the Muslim sisters inshaAllah—[know] what are the things that she must undertake to ensure a successful family and a healthy situation.

to be continued inshaAllah . . .


The Woman’s Role in Building the Successful Household, Sh. Saleem al Hilalee
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