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My Dears,

Me, your grandmother, and great-grands and various aunts have pretty much always done the wash in cold water. Saving money is the main reason we do it.

Some women however, believe using cold water does not result in clean laundry. But they are wrong.

I found a video on the website of an electric company where they tested the effect of water temperature on the ability to get the wash clean. Here is what they discovered:

Cold water really does work when it comes to getting your laundry clean.

As with all things, you’re going to find that there are exceptions to this rule. Some stains just won’t come out in cold (like our wine stains±). The good news is that cold water doesn’t set stains (unlike hot water, which will permanently set protein stains, for example), so you can always try washing in cold first, and if that doesn’t work, wash the stained items in warmer temperatures.

For the worrier inside you, drying clothing in a dryer or hanging them to dry in the sun kills bacteria, dust mites, etc.

And there is a tip to getting the laundry nice and bright. More on that later insha’Allah.


± We don’t drink wine (haram) so we don’t have to worry about that particular stain.