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Dear Little Bundles of Joy,

My 28-Day Kitchen Notebook Get-it-Organized Challenge required that I make 5 big changes and lots of smaller ones. It was fun though.

I want to show you what I did in a series of ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos (click on any image to enlarge it).

The ‘how-to’ will appear as separate letters insha’Allah.

Enjoy the photos. Insha’Allah I’ll be back on Saturday.



Before this began, I had 2 recipe notebooks which were stored in a basket on top of the refrigerator.

During the challenge, I decided 3 notebooks were better. And they had to be cute.


. . . . . After:

This is how I dressed up the binders: I covered two binders with pink contact paper, and the other with clear contact paper over sheets of scrap book paper.

2–Dividers and Tabs

I didn’t have tabs before. All the recipes were loosely categorized by type without any separators. Now I have tabs!


. . . . . After:

Recipes grouped by type, and some by national cuisine.

3–Meal Planning

I redesigned the weekly meal planning form and store them in a different folder.


. . . . . After:

Clear plastic folder.

4–Recipes “To Try” Folder

Untried recipes were kind of scattered between 2 notebooks: a manilla file folder, and my menu plan folder. Very disorganized.


. . . . . After:

Now they are in a cute little file folder I purchased at the dollar store.

5–Kitchen Notebook Storage

I wanted a new place to put my binders. The previous location (a basket) was cumbersome, cluttered and looked messy. Plus, the basket tended to collect things.



. . . . . After!!

I really, really like this setup!

I covered a box with contact paper and put office supply shelves inside it to place the notebooks in.