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Because I care.



from The American Frugal Housewife
by Mrs. Lydia Maria Child
published 1832

One great cause of the vanity, extravagance and idleness that are so fast growing upon our young ladies, is the absence of domestic education.

By domestic education, I do not mean the sending daughters into the kitchen some half dozen times, to weary the patience of the cook, and to boast of it the next day in the parlor.

I mean two or three years spent with a mother, assisting her in her duties, instructing brothers and sisters, and taking care of their own clothes. This is the way to make them happy, as well as good wives; for, being early accustomed to the duties of life, they will sit lightly as well as gracefully upon them.

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to be continued insha’Allah

text source : Project Gutenberg
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