For women every where.



from The American Frugal Housewife
by Mrs. Lydia Maria Child
published in 1832

The difficulty is, education does not usually point the female heart to its only true resting-place. That dear English word ‘home,’ is not half so powerful a talisman as ‘the world.’ Instead of the salutary truth, that happiness is in duty, they are taught to consider the two things totally distinct; and that whoever seeks one, must sacrifice the other.

The fact is, our girls have no home education. When quite young, they are sent to schools where no feminine employments, no domestic habits, can be learned; and there they continue till they ‘come out’ into the world.

After this, few find any time to arrange, and make use of, the mass of elementary knowledge they have acquired; and fewer still have either leisure or taste for the inelegant, every-day duties of life.

Thus prepared, they enter upon matrimony.

Those early habits, which would have made domestic care a light and easy task, have never been taught, for fear it would interrupt their happiness; and the result is, that when cares come, as come they must, they find them misery. I am convinced that indifference and dislike between husband and wife are more frequently occasioned by this great error in education, than by any other cause.

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to be continued insha’Allah

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