Dearest Flowers,

Most of the beauty products you have seen me use have been made by me in our own kitchen. Beauty from the earth has long been a tradition for the women in our family.

Sure, we may have flirted with a few beauty trends and fads as teens, but we usually don’t stray from our roots.

And it’s a good thing that our men love us for our natural gorgeousness rather than demand the falsehood of modern-day face painting known as makeup. It’s a wonderful trait to look for in a husband!

I made a list of some basic items a frugal beauty needs to have on hand. And as with any type of shopping, combine stores sales with coupons to save money.


What to Stock in Your Handmade Beauty Cupboard

  • Dairy
  • Fruits and Vegetables — only if you are going to also be eating them
    Lemons (fresh)
  • Other Foods
    Almonds (with the shells on so they are fresh and store longer)
    or Almond Bran
    Apple cider vinegar
    Honey (raw and unfiltered from and if possible from a local bee keeper)
    Mint (dried, from tea bags, or grow your own)
    Oats (avoid quick-cooking or instant oatmeal)
    Powdered Milk
    Rose Water
  • Oil from vegetables, seeds, or nuts
    Olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, cocoa butter and coconut oil (optional)
    Look for cold pressed oils as no chemical are used
    Except for the olive oil, buy less than 4 ounces at a time when possible
  • Essential Oils — start with 1 or 2 basic oils
    Tea Tree
  • Non-Food
    Epsom Salt
    Vitamin E
    Witch Hazel
  • Supplies
    Cotton balls
    Containers for mixing
    Gauze squares
    White washcloths
    Glass bottles (small ones)
    Measuring spoons and cups dedicated to beauty care recipes
    Wooden (or plastic) spoons

List source: Handbook of Natural Beauty; Aromatherapy Handbook.
Image source: WP Clipart