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Growing up, it was so much fun eating directly off the bush, tree, and vine; every child loves that.

It may not seem like it, but warmer temperatures really are not that far away. It is time for us growers to think about and planning our summer gardens.

A regular 3-ring binder makes a good garden journal for planning, dreaming, keeping records, and storing garden photos. For now, put some blank paper in your notebook. And there are some print outs below to also add.

Garden Planning

Here are some activities to think on and write about in your garden journal.

Make a list of the types of vegetables and fruits you believe the family will eat. Prioritize the list by numbering the items. You can re-write the list in order of priority.

List supplies you think you may need.

Will you be growing from seeds or buy plants from a garden center? If growing from seeds, will you be starting them indoors or in a green house?

Write down how much time you have for gardening. Be realistic. New mothers, for example, may not have much time and can plan a smaller or container garden.

Who else will help you? How much?

What are you able and capable of doing? Any health issues?

Determine what your budget is. What is your money like for buying seeds and supplies?

Garden Journal Printouts

Blank monthly calendar for deciding when and which garden activities to do:

  • Printable Graph Paper. Use it to plan the layout of your garden space. Don’t plan now, just print the graph paper.

Print one of the following:
How Much to Plant chart (About.com)
How Much to Plant chart (Virginia Cooperative Extension)
How Much Plants Produce chart (Iowa State Extension)
Other gardening Resources
Search for “Cooperative Extension” + your state to find gardening resources particular to where you live.