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Dear Helpful Hands,

As the woman of the house, your care and love for your family can be expressed by bringing beauty and happiness to dreary winter days.

Allah, in His Infinite Wisdom and Bounty, has made this task easy by blessing the earth with bright and beautiful plants that prefer cold or even snowy weather.

It is truly wonderful to grow flowers in the winter. And it’s not all that difficult to achieve.

Some months back our family worked together to re-pot English Primrose and Cyclamen into large containers for the outdoor patio area. Both plants prefer cold temperatures.

A little neighbor boy watching us from a window grinned when he saw the colorful blooms. He looked like he had a thousand questions; five-year-olds can be quite curious.

We have certainly given him something to wonder about. And given the family something nice to look at from the window.

Enjoy the view,