Dear Diamonds,

A funny thing happens when people review their past activities. They often forget why they even did them in the first place. Or they re-discover their initial attraction to that thing.

This happened recently as members of the family shared their list of books from this post: Library Books I want to Read Again.

We saw some pretty awesome books on each other’s lists. I especially enjoyed the look that communicated: “Hey! That seems like an interesting book!” or, “Huh!? How come you didn’t tell me about that book … I like it!”

I think it’s nice to keep a list of books you want to re-read (or avoid). A person can do a lot of useful things with that information. Such as write books reviews for Amazon or Google Books. Or uncover a sense of accomplishment.

And children—once they have outgrown a book—get to see how their reading skills have progressed.

Keeping a little book archive certainly frees up the brain to remember other, more important things.