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We started revising our beauty routines about a month ago with this—Beauty Calendar Assignment #1: Face.

I also suggested sticking with whatever products were currently being used and slowly work in what’s new. Lifestyle changes need to be implemented gradually so that old habits can be disrupted and new ones formed in their places. And transitioning from girlhood to teendom to womanhood to maturity all require lifestyle changes.

Hopefully, you penciled in which day of the week to do the following: Cleanse (daily), Moisturize (daily), Exfoliate (weekly), Mask/Pack (monthly).

Now, you have two new recipes to add to your calendar:

Your next assignment is to update your calender with specifics like this:

  • Cleanse (Floral Water Lotion)
  • Exfoliate (Salt/Sugar Scrub)

As you are updating your calendar, keep in mind what you may have learned about yourself and your skin: what you are and are not able to do, what your skin can handle, what it needs, how it feels.

For example, you may be unable to do a facial scrub once a week. If so use the roughness of cotton round and exfoliate with the cleansing lotion every other week; it is not as good as a scrub, but it works. And then every alternate week use the salt facial scrub.

Insight goes a long way towards constructing a beauty calendar that works for you.

For now, concentrate on making cleansing and exfoliating a part of your life. We will soon work on moisturizers, masks and packs, and other items too!