Recently, I described how to make your own facial cleansing lotion (Facial Cleansing Lotion Recipe). Today, I want to explain how I made that vintage-looking label on the bottle.

Vintage labels add specialness to something already wonderful. And labels are easy to create.

These label instructions are written for the Libre Office software (works just like MS Word only it’s free). But the directions are not much different for any other kinds of similar software so you should still be able to follow them to create your label. You can also create your label by hand.

I hope these instructions are clear.


Vintage Label Instructions

By the way, I used a 2-inch by 4-inch size label from a pack I purchased at Dollar Tree.

Select Label Template

First, open the document software.

Open the label template by selecting File, New, Labels.

Choose the Avery 8163 Shipping 4″ x 2″ label.

Add Graphics

Go to The Graphics Fairy site and copy a clip art frame.

To do that, look for the categories drop box on the right-hand side of the site.  It looks like this:

Browse Images

Choose the category that says “Frames”.

Pick out a clip art frame that matches the type and function of the bottle. The frame should also match the decor and theme of the room it will be used in.

Copy and paste the clip art into the label document.

Re-size the clip art frame to fit within the 2×4 label border. Make sure it is centered.

You will need to move the clip art frame to the bottom of the stacking order so that it is behind the other text objects. Select the frame then click Modify → Arrange → Send Backward.

Video Resource: Using Clip Art with LibreOffice

Add your text 

Selected text iconIcon from bottom of document window. Drag and draw a text box anywhere on the screen; re-size it later.

Type in the label wording. Use as many text boxes as you need. I used 3 of different text boxes, each with a different font.

Double-click the text to edit it. Selected the font and text size you want to use.

Don’t be afraid to mix fonts. I used Ancestory SF, and Bookman Old Style, and an Arabic script in 3 different text boxes for my label. Generally, 2 or 3 font types is the maximum amount to use. More than that looks messy.

Move the text box to the label/clip art frame area. Re-size the text box to fit within the border of the clip art frame.

Text Help Resource: http://help.libreoffice.org/Draw/Adding_Text)

Print and Apply Label

Load the blank label into the printer. You may want to print it out on regular paper first to see how it looks.


Now you’re ready to peel that label off the sheet and adhering it to your bottle.

If the bottle contains oil, or if you used an ink jet printer, cut a piece of clear contact paper or clear packing tape about 1/2-inch larger than the label and place it over the label to protect it.

Your finished label should look something like this: