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The Meaning of Reliance (Tawakkul) on Allaah

Shaikh Saalih bin Fawzaan Al-Fawzaan
Haqeeqat-ut-Tawakkul ‘alaAllaah (pg. 7-14)
Al-Ibaanah.com (site no longer operating)

Previously, The Meaning of Reliance on Allaah, part 3

The foundation of Shirk is: Entrusting one’s affairs and putting one’s reliance on other than Allaah. This is why Allaah says: “So upon Allaah, put your trust if you are truly believers.” [Surah Al-Maa’idah: 23]

The scholars say: The object of the verb here “upon Allaah” denotes limitedness. Thus the ayah means: “Put your trust in Allaah alone and not anyone else.” So Allaah has restricted tawakkul to Himself alone apart from others. Upon Allaah” means not upon anyone else. The ayah continues:“…put your trust if you are truly believers.” Allaah has made tawakkul (reliance on Allaah) here a sign of one’s Faith in Him and proof of one’s Tawheed.

As for the one who claims to be a believer and an adherent of Tawheed, but yet then goes on to put his trust in other than Allaah, such as stones, trees, statues, graves, the deceased, and so on, then this person’s claim is false. And he is not a believer since he has entrusted his affairs to someone besides Allaah.

Journal Assignment

Write one benefit you gained from this week’s reading. And here are several questions to further explore in your journal.

  1. What is a sign of one’s faith in Allah?
  2. Who is considered to be a disbeliever though the person says they believe?
  3. What is tawakkul on Allah?
  4. What is the foundation of shirk?
  5. What is the proof that Allah has restricted reliance to Himself alone and no one else?
  6. What is the evidence of one’s Tawheed?
  7. List at least three things a person incorrectly relies on other than Allah.