Dearies, I accidentally dropped an egg on the kitchen floor Tuesday! I don’t know who was having a worse day, me . . . or the egg!

I’m still a whole lot sleepy. It’s that daylight savings time thing. I have not yet adjusted to the one hour time shift.

Anyway, on top of all the other things I had to do, I also had a very large egg spill to clean up.

The best way to clean an egg spill is to do it this way:

1. Drop egg on the floor (or any other surface).

2. Remove as many egg shells by hand as possible.

3. Generously sprinkle pour salt on the egg.

4. Let things sit for a few so the salt can soak up the egg. But make sure no one steps in it!

5. Wipe up egg with as many sheets of crinkled newspaper as needed.

6. Clean up the remainder as you would for any other type of food spill — with soap and water. Or in my case, my handy-dandy home made kitchen cleaner!

By the way, does any body know what time it really is any more?