Dear Buttons,

On a recent shopping trip I decided to look around for moms and daughters wearing feminine fabrics.

I counted 100 different women while at a fabric store (there was a big sale). The results? All except 1 or 2 were wearing jeans and usually a t-shirt!

I even spied what was in shopping carts sure that I would see piles of silky material. Again, nothing feminine. This is very sad.

image via WPClipart

Jeans and a “T” have now become the national uniform in American society.

Yet there are so many beautiful fabric choices available to women. Flowy ones that make a man realize a woman is gentle and soft.

If we women do not take care to avoid looking manly, husbands will notice. Most will make a negative comment just as we would make a negative comment if our husband came home wearing velvet pants or a chiffon shirt. It would be difficult not to say anything.

On a hopeful note, I found a wonderful list of feminine fabrics in the book “Fascinating Womanhood.” I wish every woman had this list. And used it.


How To Acquire Femininity Through Fabric Choices

Feminine Fabrics — these fabrics make you stand out as feminine
cotton (soft or crisp)
woollens (

Masculine Fabrics — avoid these since they will make you appear manly
hard woollens
glen plaids
any fabric commonly worn by men

Feminine Fabric Homework

Look through all of the clothing items you currently own. How many are made from masculine fabrics? Can you feminize those items? If not, consider replacing them with something more feminine according to what you can afford.

Fabric Resources

How To Identify Fabrics
A fabric dictionary from the Better Homes and Garden Sewing Book. It includes a photo of each type of fabric. Be sure to click the “Learn about more fabrics” link on the page to see more.

Fabric Glossary
A detailed description of fabrics, weaves and manufacturing techniques.

Choosing Fabrics for Women’s Clothing
A short video on fabrics suitable for women.

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