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Dearest Lillies,

Your local Cooperative Extension office, also called the Extension Service, has a wide variety of gardening resources.

They offer monthly gardening calendars, gardening  tips, newsletters, videos, and podcasts.

The Extension Service also provides information on and teach consumers about many topics including home food preservation (such as canning and jelly-making), nutrition, health, family management, personal finances, and much more. There is even a 4-H Youth Development program.

A Cooperative Extension is an excellent resource for any home maker.

Cooperative Extension Gardening Homework

Every state has extension office for each of it counties. Use the Cooperative Extension System Offices interactive map to find the website of your local Extension Office.

Locate a gardening calendar for March. What gardening activities should you be doing this month?

Search for articles on how to make your own potting soil and other tasks to prepare for planting.

Put your findings (printouts or hand-written notes) in your garden notebook!


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