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Dear Sweetie Pies,

All praises be to Allah for bringing our family through the winter yet another year.

It is time to turn our attentions to preparing our households for warmer weather. There is a lot of work to do. And if done correctly, we should glide into Ramadhan —about 4 months away— pretty well prepared with a clean and organized house.

Print copies of this blank Spring Cleaning Checklist [pdf]. Use it along with the completed tasklists below to compile your own lists tailored to your situation and the needs of your family. If need be, print one blank checklist for each area you want to clean.

As with any of the seasonal chores, pace yourself. Write in cleaning session dates and times on your planner. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay well-hydrated during seasonal cleaning.


Spring Cleaning Tasks

Spring Home Maintenance Checklists (Martha Stewart)
a comprehensive list of what to do in each room of your house

Spring-Cleaning (Martha Stewart)
an overview of what to clean

How to Organize the Linen Closet (Martha Stewart)
simple organizing techniques

Spring Cleaning: A Complete Checklist (About.com)
tutorials for spring cleaning, checklists for each room, dealing with clutter, etc