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The book “Prayers for Muslim Children” has been a favorite in our family for a while.

We love it because of three main reasons: its content, its simplicity, and its educational possibilities.

“Prayers for Muslim Children” is a book of  actions to take and supplications to make. It is comprised of hadith on various Islamic etiquette.

An important aspect is that the language is easy for children to read, understand, and memorize. There are beautifully colored calligraphy, large text size, supplications written in both Arabic and English, and hadith is listed at the bottom of the page.

I like other things too such as the lack of images with souls.

“Prayers” is great to read to children during bedtime or anytime. It’s excellent for role-playing the actions stated in the book as a method of instruction. It’s also good for Arabic reading and writing practice, and for copy-work with a fun multi-colored lead pencil to imitate the book’s multi-colored font. And this can lead to discussions on Islamic art!

Additionally, each individual page can become an entire lesson built around deeper religious teachings such as why for example we say “Insha’Allah” or “La ilaha ill-Allah” or tawheed. Older children can research the hadith in detail, create biographies of its narrator(s), discover the situation that lead to the need for the hadith, etc.

This book is excellent for new Muslims to teach their children, and to learn from themselves as well—another benefit.

I really love “Prayers for Muslim Children” and I am happy to share such an excellent resource with you.



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