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A major hurdle: I’ve cut my patterns from some recycled paper I had on hand. I’m sure glad I kept that paper!

Here are my patterns:

Appetizers/Snack Sizes
12-in square (pattern size 13×13)

Lunch Sizes
16-in square (pattern size 17×17)
18-in square (pattern size 19×19)
20-in square (pattern size 21×21)

Dinner/Formal Size
22-in square (pattern size 23×23)


Napkin Trivia

Islamic textiles were also widely exported to the West, where their prominence is underscored by their impact on European languages. For example, the English words “cotton” and “mohair,” and “taffeta” and “seersucker,” derive, respectively, from Arabic and Persian. — http://www.textileasart.com/weaving.htm