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Decree/Predecree is a pillar of Islam. Insha’Allah, we will learn more about it and strengthen our faith (eeman) in the process.

If you are interested in the audio version of the text, follow this link Al Qadaa wal Qadar Introduction (Understand-Islam.net).


Al-Qadaa’ wal Qadar in Brief

Dr. Saleh As-Saleh
Based on the book “The Salaf’s Understanding of Al-Qadaa’ wal Qadar“
(Allah’s General Pre-Decrees and Their Particular Executions)

Understand-Islam.net Published: 2006

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To Proceed:

Al-Qadar encompasses four themes:
1) Allah’s Knowledge (al-‘ilm),
2) Allah’s Writing (al-kitabah),
3) Allah’s Will (al-mashee’ah, and
4) Allah’s Creation (al-khalq).

[Two] . . . of these themes is discussed below.

1) Al-‘ilm (Allah’s knowledge)

We believe that Allah’s knowledge encompasses everything. He knew what had
occurred, what will occur, and all that which did not occur. All things such as: life-spans, sayings, moves, deeds, secrets, all obedient and disobedient acts etc.

Verily Allah is the All-knowing of everything. Qur’an 8:75

2) Al-Kitabah (Allah’s writing)

This means that Allah wrote everything about creation, their livelihood, provisions, ages, and deeds, etc. He wrote what He says and what He does, and all that comes to existence due to His actions and sayings. He also wrote what is entailed by His names and attributes. All these are written in al-Lawhul Mahfoudh (The Preserved Tablet).

And there is nothing hidden in the heaven and earth, but in a clear book. Qur’an 27:75

Journal Assignment

Write one benefit you gained from this week’s reading. And here are several questions to further explore in your journal.

  1. Name two themes that Al-Qadar emcompasses.
  2. What is al-‘ilm?
  3. Provide proof of Allah’s knowledge.
  4. What is al-kitabah?
  5. Give two examples of Allah’s knowledge.
  6. What is al-Lawhul Mahfoudh?
  7. Give proof of al-Lawhul Mahfoudh.
  8. Give two examples of what is in al-Lawhul Mahfoudh.
  9. What is hidden according to the Preserved Tablet?

Additional Work

Find-n-Seek Puzzle

Al-Qadaa’ wal Qadar Lesson 2 Word Search [pdf]
contains 12 long words

Al-Qadaa’ wal Qadar Lesson 2 Word Search [pdf]
EASY–contains 6 short words

Copy Work
Use for beginning writers (What is Copywork?), or to help memorize information. The copy work below is print not cursive.

Quran Copy Work

Surah Al-Anfal 8:75 Large [pdf]
18-Poing Text Size

Surah Al-Anfal 8:75 Regular [pdf]
14-Point Text Size

Surah An-Naml 27: 75 Large [pdf]
18-Poing Text Size

Surah An-Naml 27: 75 Regular [pdf]
14-Point Text Size

Printable Paper
One-Inch Blank Lines