Dear Sweetie Pies,

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I am finally off and flying! A finished napkin!

I decided to do a decorative border on this one. And I just love the color of the fabric. It is bright! It’s brighter in the photo than it is in real life.

And this —» is a photo of the cutting out phase. I measure and cut out 4 napkins at a time. This part of the project goes much faster using some quilting tools: a see-though plexi ruler and a rotary cutter. Both are a real time-savers.

And so are those recycled paper patterns (Update #1). I place it on top of the fabrics and pin it down. Then I place the plexi-ruler on top of all that using the pattern as a guide. The rotary cutter does the rest.

This is so much fun! What kind of progress have you made?