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One of my favorite motifs is Arbesque. Especially beautiful is the Moroccan expression of this design.

With that in mind, here is what I did to a patio light fixture. It’s not necessarily Arabesque or Moroccan, but it works in nicely towards the overall look.

Before photo:

«– Dull and boring, huh?

The new light treatment (photo below) was simple really. It was 15% perspiration, 150% inspiration. It took more thinking and figuring than it did actual work. I knew what I wanted—a non-permanant Arabequeish light cover that would not block the light from the bulb—but I had no idea how to do that.

Then it hit me and the 15% perspiration followed!


  • Gossip Bluebird Pop Culture Lace Cardstock from KI Memories
  • Sheet protector
  • Spray paint in Expresso
  • Ruler
  • Yarn
  • Sharpie marker
  • Scotch tape

I love the lace cardstock. I had been ogling over it for a very long time. Finally, it went on sale for $1.19, down from the original $1.99 price. Then I used a 25% off coupon and paid 89¢ for it!

First I needed the globe’s dimensions.

Because I didn’t want to remove the globe, I measured all the way around the it using a piece of yarn; 14-inches. I added 1.5 inches to that to get 15.5 inches.

I also measured the height of the globe with the ruler; 5 inches. I added 1/4 of an inch to that to get 5.25 inches.

Next, the sheet protector! I only cut two edges of the sheet protector: the bottom seam, and the side that has the holes punched in it. Now I had one big sheet of plastic that was approximately 22×17 inches.

For the next phase, I cut the plastic sheet to the size of my yarn and ruler measurements: a rectangle measuring 5.25 inches high and 15.5 inches long.

Then I got out the lace scrapbook paper and placed it on top of the plastic rectangle using binder clips to keep the plastic attached to the paper.

I took the entire thing outside and put it on newspaper. I spray painted that beautiful paper! But that was the only way to get the design onto the plastic.

I let it dry for 24 hours.

After that, I wrapped the newly designed piece of plastic around the globe. The extra length made it easy to overlap the plastic and adhere it to itself with scotch tape!

That’s it! What do you think?