Hosting a fun little get together is one way to make garden chores seem a little less work-ish.

What–First, make your task list.  Select 3 or 4 things in the garden you want to work on. Focus on what one person can do in 10-15 minutes to keep task list manageable during the planning phase. A sample list is provided below.

When–Next, choose the day and time of the party. Weekend days are often best. Limit the time frame to no more than two hours. And avoid the hottest times of the day.

Who–Brainstorm people to invite to your garden party. This can be family only, or friends only, or a combination of the two.

Invite your worker-guests informally —say a phone call or email— or give a simple “You’re Invited” card. Include date, time, location, summarized task list, what to bring, and what you will be offering in appreciation.

Decide the minimum age garden helpers need to be. If necessary, secure at-
home baby sitting. Someone will need to keep tots and infants busy while you and others work. Offering free child care entices others to join you.

How–Make sure that volunteers have the proper equipment, including garden gloves and protection from the weather and any insects. Gardeners also need access to clean fresh water.

Surprise–Finally, reward everyone for their participation. This can be sharing harvests from the garden, or serving food and drink after the work is done.

Sample Garden Party Task List

  • quick weeding
  • clean up
  • plant salad greens and others for spring picking
  • harvest garlic, onions, turnips


Images from Open Clipart Library