Decree/Predecree is a pillar of Islam. Insha’Allah, we will learn more about it and strengthen our faith (eeman) in the process.

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Does the slave of Allah have real ability, will, choice and action?

Man’s ability to move (e.g. standing sitting etc.) and to believe are actions that are  truly attributed to him. This is scientifically proven. However, these actions and movements are primarily created by Allah. In other words, man’s will and actions are next to His. Allah mentioned in the Qur’an:

 ‘But you cannot will, unless Allah wills.’ –Qur’an76, 30

This is the correct and medium way of relating the actions of Allah to those of His creation, and Allah knows best.

Many Muslim sects deviated from this line of thought. Some claimed that man has no will and no real action, and that he is just like a feather in the wind. This group is known as Al-Jabriyyah (from Jabr meaning compulsion).

Others claimed, on the contrary, that man creates his actions by his ability and his will, thus “making” creators other than Allah! This group of people is called Al-Qadariyyah. The Prophet called them the “Magians of this Ummah,” because they claim that Satan “creates” evil and harmful things, making Satan a “creator” besides Allah.

Dr. Saleh As-Saleh
Based on the book “The Salaf’s Understanding of Al-Qadaa’ wal Qadar“
(Allah’s General Pre-Decrees and Their Particular Executions) Published: 2006

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Journal Assignment

Write one benefit you gained from this week’s reading. And here are several questions to further explore in your journal.

  1. Name two sects that have deviated.
  2. Describe the claims those sects have that make them astray?
  3. Why did the Prophet call a certain group “Magians of this Ummah”?
  4. What is the correct way of relating the actions of Allah to those He created?