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I picked up a little design tip several years back: arrange the books on your bookshelves by color!

I think this was something I knew intuitively but was afraid to acknowledge since the societal norm is to arrange books by subject, title, or author.

20,000 Adobe Bookshop books organized by the color wheel (Flickr).

However, placing books with similar coloring next to one another can make an otherwise cluttered book case look serene, well-organized, calm. Pretty.

One unexpected side effect from this method, is that I can actually find books better! While I may not remember who wrote a book or it’s exact title, I do remember things such as. it was the one with the blue cover, or it was the tiny green one.

I also find that books get read more often. There is something about seeing, for example, a red-colored book sitting in with other red-colored books that make folks want to pick it up to see what that red book is all about.

And it is so easy to tell a child to put his books away when they are shelved based on color. You can make a game out of it. Games motivate children.

But what I love most is what visitors say: Wow! You have a lot of books!” Really, we don’t. But it looks that way because of the blocks of color. The book case immediately catches the eye. And it becomes a topic of conversation. It has become a piece of art.

Not only that, but people think you’re smart. They think you’ve actually read all the books. And they also think that you must love them since you took the time to group them by color. Only someone who loves something spends time making it look nice.

I believe that’s true!

See more photos on Flickr.