Dearest Sun Flowers,

Today is Friday. It is the first Friday since Ramadhan ended on Sunday.

Friday, Yawm Al-Jumu’ah, is an ‘Eid for us Muslims—a special day. Historically speaking, important events happened and will happen on Friday. For example, the first human, Adam, was created on a Friday. He also died on a Friday.

Friday is a day of du’aa’, dhikr and worship. It’s also a social day. It is a day to have minor sins forgiven.  And a day in which during a certain time (after salaatul ‘Asr) we ask something from Allah then Allah will definitely meet our demand.

How will you embrace this day? What are your plans? How has what you gained from and the goals you set and implemented during the past month-long fast affected your post-Ramadhan life, especially Fridays?

As for me, how will I celebrate Friday? What will I plan for my family?

I’m not sure yet. But I do know that it will include a reset me, and Allah willing, lots smiles and other niceties along with the usual Friday-specific religious rites.

And I’m thinking that some sort of homemade fruit treat is one way to show appreciation for the family on such a great day!