Dear Pumpkins,

I believe in routines, in making plans, and in having organization and structure to one’s day. It can increase productivity and bring a sense of peacefulness, security, and stability. This is especially good for household managers (e.g. mom’s).

However, it’s good to have unplanned moments in a planned-out day.

For example, the family recently scheduled an outing to a local store as one of the day’s activities. Once there, some of the family walked down the street to get iced tea while the rest of us browsed the store at a more leisurely pace. The browsers finished before the others returned.

So, we browsers decided to spread out a small blanket in a grassy area next to a tree-lined creek just off the store’s parking lot. When the rest of family came back, all of us enjoyed our little treat under the trees. The moment was completely unplanned. Lasted for 10 or 15 minutes. Was utterly enjoyable.

Spontaneousness doesn’t take a lot of effort. It happens naturally without planning or a whole lot of thought. Reckless impulse is a bad thing. But, taking advantage of a sliver of free time to enjoy life helps us stay sane. It even keeps us young.

I noticed one thing about the side-tracked nature of the moment: sipping iced tea while sitting on a blanket under a tree on a nice summery afternoon seemed to give a little bounce to the rest of our day.