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Dear Hungry, Hungry Caterpillars,

It’s that time of the week once again: menu planning! Get out pencil, a blank weekly menu sheet, and set to work . . . having a beverage by your side makes the job a lot more pleasant.

Save Money, Eat Seasonally: How to Find a Farm Near You
Knowing some one who knows some one who has a backyard garden and/or fruit trees they’ll let you pick from is a blessing.

However … for the rest of us, the website PickYourOwn.org is a wonderful resource!

PYO has an extensive listing of farms (world wide) that lets people harvest fruits and vegetables themselves. It’s a great way to save money not to mention pickin’s a lot of fun. Select the state you live in to find nearby farms.

Look for the sites Crop Calendar and the Typical Harvest Dates. The Crop Cal tell what’s currently in season. For example, here is what’s happening in Georgia for September:

“Figs, raspberries, vegetables, peaches and blueberries are in full swing! Strawberries are over in most places; peaches and blueberries will be ending in the South soon.  Early apples start in August.”

Harvest dates is a big list of when a fruit or veggie is typically ripe. The lists are useful for knowing when to call up a farm and for grocery shopping as well; you’ll know when to expect price drops or increases.

Have fun picking!


Etiquette of Eating #11

When he [Prophet Muhammad] ate with others, he would not leave until he had made du’aa (supplication) for them.

He made du’aa in the house of ’Abdullaah Ibn Bishr, and said: “O Allaah, bless for them that which You have provided for them, forgive them and have mercy on them.”

Food and Eating Habits According to the Sunnah. Imaam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (d.751H)

Weekly Meal Planning Sheet (pdf)
Print Blank Calendar Here (pdf)

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