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Though society tells us not to, we must strive hard to maintain the traditions of modesty set by our fore-mothers such as Mariam (Mary) mother of ‘Essa (Jesus), and Sara wife of Ibrahim (Abraham), and Hajar (Hagar) mother of Ismail (Ishmael), and ‘Aisha mother of the believers — may Allah’s blessing be upon them all.

And Butterick pattern B5787 Fast & Easy is wonderful for today’s modest woman. It’s easy enough for beginner sewers too.

This pattern is a full length wrap skirt in sizes 8 to 24. It has a waistband with ties attached to the ends.

Choose a lightweight woven fabric—broadcloth, or crepe, or linen—for this skirt. Other lightweight woven fabrics to explore are voile and some wools. Remember that these fabrics are soft and make you stand out as feminine.

Add your own creative touches like pockets,  embroidery, bias tape along the raw edges, etc.

The right choice in the fabric’s color and design/print (avoid diagonals) will make this skirt look ultra feminine and modest!

The pattern set includes shorter versions of the skirt. Not to worry; they make excellent apron patterns! Adjust it to reach only half way around your body. However, a wrap-around apron sounds like fun. What do you think?

Pass this pattern down to your daughters and grand daughters. I’m sure they will love you for it.


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