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It’s that time of the week once again: menu planning! Get out pencil, a blank weekly menu sheet, and set to work . . . sit near a window to reduce eye strain. Give little ones toy food items to play with so they can “menu plan” along with you.

Meal Planning Tip
Markup on Produce: Saving Money on Fruits and Vegetables
Grocery storeproduce in America is generally marked up by 75% (Seasonal Savings).

Markup is the difference between how much you pay for an item vs how much it actually costs to make and market an item. Sellers deserve to make a profit. But with some items —like produce— they do so unfairly.

Avoid costly markups as much as possible. Stock up when prices are at their lowest for food that you can’t/don’t grow yourself. The best time to look for discounts on fruits and vegetables is when they are in season.

For example, October is the season for apples, fall raspberries, corn, pumpkins, figs, grapes, muscadines. For more detailed lists, see this state’s crop availability calendar.

There are many ways to preserve food for later use. More on that in the future insha’Allah.


Etiquette of Eating #13

He [Prophet Muhammad] commanded those who complained that they never felt full to eat together and not separately, and to mention the name of Allaah (say Bismillaah) over the food so that He might bless it for them.

Food and Eating Habits According to the Sunnah. Imaam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (d.751H)

Weekly Meal Planning Sheet (pdf)
Print Blank Calendar Here (pdf)

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