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One of the great things about JoAnn Fabrics is their pattern sales! Their next sale will be on October 11, 12, 13 (2012).

All McCalls will be 99¢.
Butterick patterns will be $1.99.

You can only buy 10 patterns at a time, but that should be plenty.

I like giving children money to pay for their patterns even if they can’t sew yet. It makes them feel special and “grown up” to stand in line to make a purchase.

So many patterns are simply not modest. However, some are. Here’s my list.


Modest Patterns

Modesty Sewing Tips: Make adjustments to patterns as necessary such as making a dress or skirt longer, including a blouse underneath or a wrap or cardigan on top, or making an item fit looser.

As for little girls, dress them modestly while they are still young so they can get used to knowing what modest feels and looks like insha’Allah. Do not allow young girls to become accustomed to dressing immodestly. Doing so ensures they will not have a good understanding of the subject.

I apologize in advance since I do not have control over the bare arms in the pics below.

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Images: McCalls.com, Butterick.com