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It’s that time of the week once again: menu planning! Get out pencil, a blank weekly menu sheet, and set to work . . . having a beverage by your side makes the job a lot more pleasant.

Food for Health: Improper Dietary Habits & Low Nutritional Value Foods
Ibn al-Qayyim wrote that food can make us sick.

Material illnesses—one of the two types of illnesses—is caused by eating more than the body needs; by eating again before the previous meal has been digested; by eating food with poor nutritional value, slow to digest; by eating complex (rich) food. [http://www.healthymuslim.com/?njicp]

Menu Planning Assignment
Schedule the timing of meal preparation so that your family won’t be eating major meals on top of each other.

Do not give your family food that has poor nutritional value. Avoid food that’s: processed, convenience foods, from restaurants, fast food, junk food, genetically and/or artificially altered, known allergens, responsible for digestive problems, etc.

Visit the The George Mateljan Foundation’s WHfoods website, to further your understanding of the nutritional value found in food.


Etiquette of Eating #15

He [Prophet Muhammad] used to eat using the first three fingers (of his right hand), which is the best way of eating.

Food and Eating Habits According to the Sunnah. Imaam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (d.751H)

Weekly Meal Planning Sheet (pdf)
Print Blank Calendar Here (pdf)

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