Dear Little Sugar Loafs,

Understanding apples lead to such delicious outcomes. Take pies, cakes, tarts, and muffins for instance.

What you want in a baking apple is one that holds its shape while being heated to high temperatures.

Here is a great list to follow. And for an interesting twist, try using a couple of different varieties in a single cooked dish.


Best Apples for Baking

Cakes & Muffins:
• Gala                         • Fuji

Pies & Tarts:
• Jazz                        • Rome Beauty (pies)
• Jonagold                  • King (pies)
• Jonathan                 • Melrose (pies)
• Yellow Delicious        • Pink Lady (pies)
• Honeycrisp              • Rose (pies)

All About Apple Varieties (PickYourOwn.org)
12 Great Apples for Baking (Midwest Living)

Image: WPClipart.com