Our learning-fest about apples continues . . .

Best Apple Varieties for Long-Term Storage
Select apples that keep well: Red Delicious, Ida Red, Winesap, Crispin, Stayman, Rome. Read More Apples that Keep Well. And store varieties separately from each other.

When storing apples in a refrigerator, keep the apples in the crisper drawer. Place a damp cheesecloth inside to maintain the high humidity requirements. Apples will last about three weeks.

Food Cellar
Apples in long-term storage require a cool, dark place with temperatures of 35-40°F/2-4°C and high humidity, around 90%. Apples freeze at temperatures below 30°F, and ripen at temps above 40°F. And some say the best temperatures for apple storage is 30-32°F.

Place apples by size (smallest on bottom to largest on top) in either a wood crate, a cardboard box, a paper bag that is open, or a plastic bag that has air holes in it. Avoid tightly wrapping or covering them.

Check stored apples for spoilage frequently. Apples will last up to 5 months using this method.

What Not to Do

  • Don’t store apples next to foods with strong odors like onions or potatoes
  • Do not cover apples tightly or wrap them up
  • Don’t mix apple varieties

National Center for Home Food Preservation
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