Apples are so versatile. And applesauce is proof of that.

Apples for applesauce needn’t be in perfect shape. Little bumps and bruises can be cut away.

Applesauce apples need to be the kind that cook down instead of remaining firm when heated.

Here is a great list to follow. And as with pies, a couple of different varieties thrown together in the pot yields smashing results!


Best Apples for Applesauce

• Braeburn                        • Jonalicious
Cortland                          • Jonathan
Delicious (Golden or Red)   • McIntosh  (sweet)
• Earligold                         •  Melrose
Fuji                               •  Granny Smith (pair with a sweet apple)
• Gala

Apples and More (U of Illinois Extension)
All About Apple Varieties (PickYourOwn.org)

Image: WPClipart.com