Evening Loves,

Freezer bags are to freezers as zip files are to computers . . . they’re space savers!

Oh how I wish I could really save space and squish a whole cooked chicken into something the size of a thimble. But since that’s not possible, I go with the next best thing: freezing flat.

First, I use this method—Paper Clamps in the Kitchen—to get some home made chicken stock in a plastic freezer bag.

Next, I zip the bag almost all the way shut leaving just enough space for air to escape. Then I squish out as much air as possible before completely sealing the bag.

After that, I lay the bag on a small square baking pan (or cookie sheet) then place it in the freezer as leveled as possible.frozen chicken stock

Once frozen, the bags fit in the freezer a lot better.

And that is how to freeze flat!