Markazul Bayaan Presents

“Don’t Be Deceived by the Devil,                                       Stay Married for the Deen”

marriage dont be deceived by the devil

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  • Class Time
    5pm – 8pm EST
    Friday, 12/14/2012
  • Attend Online
    Paltalk {room not named; try Religion & Spirituality, then Islam, then Markazul Bayaan}

WizIQ {classroom name has not been named}

  • Attend In Person
    Markazul Bayaan Arabic Center
    813 N. 5th Street
    Suite 101 & 106
    Phila, PA 19123
  • PalTalk
    PalTalk is an online audio (and even video) chat room community. Chat software must be downloaded to your computer. Download PalTalk Here
  • PalTalk Express is the (free) web based version of PalTalk that is accessed from any Internet browser so there is nothing to download.

Go to Paltalk Express (
Select No to the 2 pop up windows when they appear
Enter Nic and Password (you will need to create one if you have never used Paltalk before)
Click Log In
Click Cancel to Open Browser Window
Click Close when it asks you to Download Paltalk Scene (unless you want to download it)

To Select the ClassRoom . . . You will see a list of categories on the left
Click Religion & Spirituality then Islam in the main window
Double Click the classroom:
Click Deny to Adobe Flash Player Settings window
Click OK to Notice window

To Sign Out: look at the Menu Bar at the top of the page
Click File then Log Out